Turning a passion into profession can lead people to overcome borders, cultural differences, own limitations and much more. Or simply lead to truly being oneself. This project shows people – artists, musicians, scientists, etc. – who are pursuing the passions that drive and fulfill them and make them achieve excellence.

In our rushing society it is all too common to loose sight of what is really important to us intellectually. Yet some people just follow their interests. And by their creative process they go beyond their limits and they affect others in an inspiring way. What makes you itch? How would you really enjoy spending your live?

“The only way to become a master
of something is to be really with it.” Alan Watts

By photographing and interviewing scientists, artists, musicians and others while talking about their passion or practicing their profession, Bree Corn gives insight into the thoughts & energy of these people.


Thanks! I am very grateful for being supported by some inspiring people and well known institutions. Thanks heaps to:

  • my sister and role model Sabine who supports me everytime when I get stuck somewhere, even when I don’t recognize it.
  • my husband Walter for beeing my technical and mental backup.
  • to CERN, HEPHY and art@cms for supporting the project and spreading “the word”.
  • to all scientists, artists, musicians, dancers, etc. who agreed to beeing part of this project, for sharing your thoughts and experiences and for inspiring others along your way!




Tag des offenen Ateliers – mixed work
Internationales Gemeinschaftsatelier
10.+11. Oktober 2015
Schlossgalerie Steyr, AT

Castel dell’Ovo – “passionate about”
15.-20. September 2015
Napoli, IT

University of Vienna – “passionate about”
EPS-HEP Conference | art@cms
Vienna, AUT

CERN – “passionate about”
CMS Experiment | art@cms
24.06. – 26.06.2015
Geneve, CH

Karlsruhe Institut of Technology – “passionate about”
Karlsruhe, D

Dessange Austria – “Hairlich(t)”
Kohlmarkt 1, Vienna
Vernissage: 13.04.2015
Vienna, AUT

Dessange Austria – “Hairlich(t)”
Enge Gasse, Steyr
Vernissage: 12.04.2015
Steyr, AUT

Parallax Art Fair London – mixed work
Chelsea Town Hall
London, UK