„If you’re passionate about something you’ll only regret one thing: not having tried. Not having tried is much much harder than having tried and failed. You have to chase it, whatever the outcome.“Sezen Sekmen, experimental physicist at CERN
Today I met Jack Steinberger, Nobel Price Winner in Physics (1988). At the age of 94 he keeps on going to his CERN office daily. During the interview we spoke about his life, the 2nd World War, religion, dark matter, his role model Enrico Fermi and much more. Asked for an advice for passionate people he said with a big smile “the most important thing is having luck.”
„Don’t be afraid to fully commit yourself to achieving your dreams.“ Thomas Knowles, Monterey Bay Aquarium (California)
"In our rushing society it is all too common to loose sight of what is really important to us intellectually. Yet some people just follow their interests. And by their creative process they go beyond their limits and they affect others in an inspiring way." Bree Corn