Thomas Knowles

Thomas Knowles (Marine Biologist at Monterey Bay Aquarium, California) takes care of one of the biggest Jellyfish Exhibits in the world.

Marine Biologist,
Monterey Bay Aquarium

I met Marine Biologist Thomas Knowles at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California; entering the Drifters Gallery was like entering a universe of its own. Jellies of different forms, colors, transparencies, big and small scales and constant movements… Standing in the dark and observing the bright colors and moving shapes in the exhibits I feel like a scientist myself, or a little child exploring something new and fascinating.

Thomas Knowles

„There is so much out in the ocean that people are not able to see. Amazing and diverse life. If I can bring some of them into the aquarium and help people understand what’s out in the ocean and how amazing it is; that drives me.“


“Jellyfish are very delicate animals, mostly made out of water. It fascinates me how little is still known about jellies. They are – evolutionary – very old and successful as they’re still around. They may seem like simple animals but there are lots of different requirements that make them challenging to display in an aquarium.“

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„In the ocean there are no boundaries but in exhibits there are walls that we have to take into consideration. We imitate the open ocean environment as much as we possibly can and provide the jellies with the best nutrition in order that they thrive while in my care. The diversity of jellies I work with spurs my creativity, that’s what I love about my job.“


„I feel fortunate being able to bring all this diverse marine life to the people. If I can inspire them to love the ocean and the animals in it, I might inspire them to take action to protect marine life.“

„Don’t be afraid to fully commit yourself to achieving your dreams.“


„Hard times may cause you to question if you are making the right decision, investing time and energy into the pursuit of a dream that may or may not work out in the end. My advice is to stay strong and be stubborn. If you love what you do, then you will do it well, and in the end you will find success. The reward of doing what you love every day is worth every bit of struggle.“

Thomas Knowles, Marine Biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium