Shooting at CERN – Part 2

light setting and preparing for the interviews = done!

Four months later I returned to CERN. It was a very challenging time to develop the project beside my day job and two exhibitions in April but I am thrilled to come back and have more interviews with some amazing and inspiring scientists like:

  • Fabiola Gianotti – CERN Director General
  • Mike Lamont – LHC operations group leader
  • Daniel Denegri – he is one of the “fathers” of the LHC
  • Rolf Landua, Head of Education at CERN
  • Jack Steinberger, Nobel Price Winner
  • and many more amazing scientists who I’ll show you later 😉

It was an inspiring experience how the scientists reflected to the project and how open and collaborative the whole environment works at CERN. In my everyday job I face lots of problems and difficulties when being dependent on third parties, but CERN people are simply solution driven: if you get stuck somewhere the solution is right around the corner, easy and happy working ❤