Sabine Kraml

Theoretical Particle Physicist - LPSC Grenoble, France

Moving mind portrait of
Sabine Kraml

Sabine is not only scientist, theoretical physicist, mountaineer, climber, globetrotter, (…) and a very strong and multi passionate person, but she is also my sister. At the first look we are extremely different and Sabine likes to describe us as “opposite ends”. I like this because it also means we are intimately connected. The scientist and the artist are both motivated by curiosity and creativity,  and an urge to follow their inspiration.

Why did you choose science and particle physics? 

I’m passionately curious – and I don’t fit in. I even don’t want to fit in, I always want to go my own way. So being a scientist is perfect for me: it is  intellectually satisfying and one constantly has to re-think and develop new approaches. Exploring the fundamental laws of Nature is a great adventure!

Besides, it is fascinating to work in a multi-cultural environment, where the personal background does not matter much but what really counts are new ideas and achievements with a common goal: deepening our understanding of the Universe. For me, this is among the greatest assets of CERN, and it was certainly one of the factors that made me chose particle physics.

Could you give an advise for passionate people who are trying to find their way?

If you love doing something and you have some talent for it, don’t worry too much what will be the outcome or what other people think. Of course there is the risk to fail, but you’ll always be sorry if you have not tried. Sabine Kraml


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