Shooting at CERN – Part 1

Interview with Abdelhak Djouadi, theoretical physicist

This time we visited a place where you can only succeed if you are really passionate about your topic: CERN. Here I should find the biggest experiments in the world and people who adress the world’s most difficult questions.

I am very excited to meet some of the brightest scientists of CERN and ask them questions about motivation, passion, profession, difficulties, advices and many more. But first of all, in order to get a feeling for what the sicentists are talking about, we went to the heart of one of the experiments: CMS.

The next day I startet the first interviews and photo sessions. To me the scientists had at least one thing in common: they are never standing still, always improving, open to ideas. That is something I appreciate very much and so I decided to portrait them as “moving minds”. You will see some of them in later posts. Here you can see the first photo session at CERN with some amazing people:

Looking forward to our next turn!