A living role model

CMS experiment at Large Hadron Collider, AMAZING ...

Can you imagine a place where thousands of people work together for a common goal regardless of their nationality or culture? They have to compete but nevertheless they manage to cooperate in all levels of their work. For my project “passionate about” I visited this place and his people: CERN.

About 10.000 scientists (only in Geneva) work at CERN in order to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. Here the scientists and technicians of tomorrow are educated and every year hundreds of students are trained. The “Large Hadron Collider” accelerates particles which are then colliding within the different experiments (e.g.”ATLAS” or “CMS”). Physicians all over the world analyze this data in order to explain the mysteries of our universe. Along the way of these scientific efforts there occur lots of advancements for our daily life or in medical applications.

People in particle physics don’t know if they will live to see their theories and ideas come to life. For example it took decades to verify the HIGGS boson and thousands of people worked to find it. To me this proofs that here are passionate people working.

During four days in June and three days in January 2015 I had the possibility to portrait and interview inspiring personalities in the field of particle physics. I’ll never forget a very inspiring interview with next CERN Director General, Dr. Fabiola Gianotti, I met Nobel Prize winner Prof. Jack Steinberger as well as Prof. John Ellis and many more “moving minds”. All scientists appeared very authentic and shared their personal experiences and advices during our interviews. I felt blessed and grateful for being able to have a look into their special world and invite you to do so on this blog!