Exhibition | CERN, CMS experiment

In June the CERN experiment “CMS”turned to a place where science meets art: Art@CMS presented six artists from France, USA, Australia, GB and Austria and their interpretations of different topics within the field of particle physics. The halls of the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider was an impressive location where hundreds of visitors met science and art.

Below you can find some impressions of the vernissage evening where the very first part of “passionate about” has been presented.

In order to provide a scientific background, the artists of Art@CMS are supervised by a personal science partner who in my case is Dr. Sezen Sekmen, experimental physicist at CMS experiment. My project is named “passionate about” and Sezen is all about that: totally addicted to particle physics. This alone is special but you need to know something more: she can hardly see. To me it is already difficult to imagine how somebody can compete in this difficult field but HOW can you stay right in the middle of this complex, demanding and challenging field if you are not able to read from the panel or drive a car or a bike, if you have to bring scripts very very close to your eyes in order to read it? One time I lost Dr. Sekmen while walking a corridor next to her; when I turned left she kept on walking because she didn’t see where I went. Despite her handicap I had to run after her, because she’s always walking with “high speed”.. A very inspiring and definitely passionate person! Thank you Sezen for your passion and power!

All personalities in the project “passionate about” went a unique way and can be example giving and inspiring to many people. I cordially invite you to observe the phenomenon of passion in my upcoming exhibitions in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Neaple!