Exhibition | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Bree talking about her project | photo: KIT

After the successful vernissage evening at CMS experiment at CERN the whole team of “art@cms” drove to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in order to realize another exhibition on occasion of the 300th anniversary of the city. Above all the contact to scientists and artists from all over the world is an enriching experience to me and I am looking forward to this vernissage evening.

For one week the portraits and interviews of my project “passionate about” as well as the other artworks by Lindsay Olson, Chris Henschke, Michael Hoch and Paco Falco can be seen at the “KIT”.

At the end of the vernissage I am sitting on the steps of the entrance of the exhibition. Next to me Lindsay from USA and Chris from Australia. A textile artist, video artist and photographer discussing something I can’t remember now. But I remember this: While talking I recognized that everybody of us three belongs to a different continent, nevertheless nothing separates us. In fact our passion for art and the topic of our work (particle physics / CERN) was able to connect us. It made us reflect, connect and discuss lots of different things. Passion can be a very connecting element. One reason why I chose this as subject of my work. Within science this idea is being lived, especially at CERN. If “passionate about” could contribute in spreading this idea I would be very happy. For now I am looking forward to the next exhibition at University of Vienna in July! Thanks to everybody who supports me and “passionate about”!